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To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.  --Winston Churchill

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    That is the Surf City Fishing Pier - not the one behind 1205.  


Tuesday, August 19th, 2014...  Change is coming!  No, I am not referring to the departure of my youngest and the arrival of my oldest.  I am talking about MY RAMBLING.  My first rambling was published on November 28th, 2005.  I don't think it was published on bondulich.com.  I probably used a free web site in the beginning because I knew nothing about HTML.  I enjoy learning so I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I had my own domain name.  As the years went by, HTML became much easier to do because Microsoft and others came out with programs that wrote web pages without the writer knowing any HTML.  I don't use as much HTML today as I did back in the beginning, but once in a while, there is a need to fix something using HTML.  The latest trend is to use sites that publish blogs.  I have been using one now for over a year.  My Rambling (Bondo at the Beach) in blog format can be found at bondo.wordpress.com.  A blog is much less time consuming to publish than posting a web page.  However, I enjoy doing the web page, but doing it every week is becoming a chore - and I hate doing chores.  I have decided to put out my rambling once or twice a month.  Once or twice?  That is not a decision.  That is sitting on a picket fence and for those of you who have never sat on a picket fence - IT HURTS.  Here is my decision.  I will take next week off and publish and post my writing on September 2nd.  In that writing, I will put the date of the next publishing.  See, I can make a decision.   

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014...  When I bought my first place in Surf City, the now mayor was my next-door neighbor, and he told me that there are never more than two consecutive days of freezing weather on the island during the winter.  Well, two out of the last three winters has disproved that so-call fact.  BTW, to my knowledge, he does not believe in global warming.  He also said that during the summer there is never more than three rainy days in a row in any month.  Well, the last ten days have proven that to be incorrect.  He also told me that if I didn't like the current weather just wait thirty minutes and it will change.  He is correct on that one.  For example, yesterday after breakfast, Diane and JL said they were going to the beach.  I sat down to watch the end of 'IMUS in the Morning' and before I could raise the electric leg-rest up, they were back in the house.  It was raining.  In the last twelve days, since JL's arrival, it has rained six of those days.  He has faced that challenge like a warrior of old.  However, he did mention that he would like to stop to see the mayor before he leaves.  Diane, on the other hand, is complaining only because she feels bad for JL.  Justin and Brady continue to handle the lousy weather as if there were none.  Now, on to the story about the rain. 
The Father and His Two Daughters - Aesop
A man who had two daughters married one to a gardener, the other to a potter. After awhile he paid a visit to the gardener's, and asked his daughter how she was and how it fared with her.
"Excellently well," said she; "we have everything that we want; I have but one prayer, that we may have a heavy storm of rain to water our plants."
Off he set to the potter's, and asked his other daughter how matters went with her.
"There is not a thing we want," she replied; "and I only hope this fine weather and hot sun may continue, to bake our tiles."
"Alack," said the father, "if you wish for fine weather, and your sister for rain,
which am I to pray for myself?"           

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014...  Most of us remember the story of 'The Flood' in Genesis and the story of Noah and the Ark.  Those of us who don't remember the BIBLE story might have seen the movie about this same incident where the lords of Hollywood don't even mention God in it.  However, that is another story.  Well, last Thursday, the rains came and the forecast was for more of the same.  The local weather bureau put out flood warnings for the mainland and the rains continued.  The current time is 0654, and I have not seen the sun since last month.  We are all hoping that it will come out today.  We were lucky that we didn't get any flooding here on the island.  There were many, many puddles, but no flooding.  The puddle at the end of my driveway was the largest one that I have ever seen in that location.  Yes, it rained on and off since last Thursday night.  I am going to find a story about rain in the BIBLE and read it to my family.  A certain member of my family who is visiting was losing patience and becoming quite upset with the extremely wet weather.  Now, I know everyone is thinking that it was Justin, 13, or Brady, 10, who was becoming a pain in the buttocks.  I am happy to say that you are wrong.  The rain did not stop the young ones from going out and enjoying the exciting events that were happening around 1205.  Between Aiden, the lad next door on our north side, and the well-repaired Fishing Pier on my south side, they kept busy from the time they crawled out of bed around 10 am until their 10 pm curfew at night.  There was only one person who complained and complained about the non-beach weather.  It was not my son-in-law JL.  He was quite content using the many other amenities at 1205.  I don't wish to get the impatient one angry so I won't mention her name.  Now I am off to find a story about rain to read to my family if the sun does not come out soon.  Oh, yes, I must choose a name for the well-repaired pier that all the folks are using to fish and to launch their kayaks.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014...  The end of the month is here and with it my youngest child, Diane, and her two children, Justin, 13, and Brady, 10.  Diane, if you remember, is the demanding one - the one that expects an All-Inclusive vacation every time she visits, which is usually twice a year.  She never comes down with her husband, JL.  He always flies down a week later.  I finally figured out why this occurs every summer.  She is the good wife and makes this sacrifice of spending an extra week with us at the beginning so she can make sure the accommodations here are suitable for her JL.  I never thought he was demanding like her, but I guess I was wrong.  Over the winter, we rearranged our furniture and when Di saw it she said, "This will not quite do it.  JL needs to be sitting in a straight line to the TV."  So yesterday, Helga and I had to move the furniture around according to Di's direction.  I did ask her to help because my fingers were still hurting a little, and moving furniture - seven pieces - was a difficult task.  She said that she could not.  She said she had to stand back to make sure that JL's chair was in direct line and that the Feng Shui is in balance with the stars.  It took about two hours before Di was finally satisfied with the setup.  Then she asked where are the wireless RF headphones?  I found the old set, but the padding on the top was falling out, and Di said they would never do.  So when I finish writing this today, I will be heading to Jacksonville to buy new headphones.  Oh, yeah, Di said to make sure they are blue - JL's favorite color.   

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014...  The tubeless auto tire that we all use was invented by Frank Herzegh, who only made one dollar for his discovery.  I know he worked for BF Goodrich, and he received a patent for it back in the early 50's.  However, I don't know why he only received a dollar for his invention.  Well, I am going to do some research to see who invented the shoehorn.  Yes, the shoehorn!  I hope he/she made more than a dollar on his/her invention.  I wonder how many homes today even have a shoehorn.  I think we have two in the house.  I don't think I used it at all since June of 1997, but I should have thought of using it six months ago.  Yesterday morning, I went looking for one of mine and found it in my underwear/sock drawer.  Good place for it.  I remember using it when I was working and I had to wear socks.  Using the shoehorn kept the socks from being pulled up.  I hear someone saying, "Hey, Bondo, you don't wear socks any longer."  I don't wear shoes much either, but I kept my shoehorn and I need it now.  Do I hear a WHY?  Okay, you forced it out of me.  Last December when I was in New Jersey, I took a little fall in the snow on a sidewalk with steps.  A bruised leg and two sprained fingers were the results.  Well, the leg healed after some concerned time, but it did heal one hundred percent.  The two fingers were getting better; however, every time that I put on loafers of any kind even without socks those two fingers would start to hurt.  I hate pain of any kind so I finally thought of a way to avoid re-injuring them every time I put on a pair of loafers.  Get the picture?  So I now use my amazing shoehorn especially on my loafers that I wear around the house because they need a little persuasion.  Shoehorn to the rescue, and the fingers are feeling better.  I will now keep the shoehorn in Justin's drawer, which is the center drawer of my computer desk where I usually sit to put on my shoes.  Justin, one of my grandsons, who is 13, will be here Friday.  He loves to check out what I have in my center drawer.  Any bets on whether he knows what a shoehorn is? 


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