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In 1985, the first year the Blizzard was introduced, DQ sold more than 170 million of them!


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    NO, NO, DQ....say it ain't so!  


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015...  Summer is here!  Our summer rotation of family has started.  Rip and Mel are here with Halie and Josh, but no Nic - adulthood changes lifestyles.  Not to worry - Nic will be here next month with a friend.  I hope he brings a 'shark' knife with him so he can protect himself.......no, not from his friend, but from any 'unfriendlies' he might come across while he is surfing.  There is not much to talk about the family and friends that just arrived yesterday around 4 a.m.  Oh, yes, Halie and Josh brought friends - Amanda and John.  I hope they enjoy themselves and find everything suitable at 1205.  I will make notes if they have any problems with the amenities.  Okay, let's take a look at the bad news - only because it is difficult to find any good news on the internet.  Gees, I checked out four stories, but they are too bad to write about.  Maybe I can clean two of them to a PG rating.  Are you ready?  Some folks are saying the following was a prank; others say it was Satanic.  Either way it is sick when an 18 year old senior cuts up a dead cow and leaves the parts all over a high school campus.  Yes, students in Woodstock, Connecticut found the 'remnants' when they showed up last week to take their finals.  The next one is funny if no one was hurt.  Well, the Hawkins County Police in Tennessee had to arrest a local couple for stabbing their neighbor.  Did I hear a why did they stab the neighbor.  Well, the neighbor in the apartment next to this couple - Johnny and Erin - called the police because of too much noise.  Police came and determined that the couple were making loud noises during sex.  That was okay with Johnny and Erin, but when the police came a second time for the same reason, I guess, Johnny and Erin just lost it and had to take some 'other' action toward their squealing neighbor.  I do have a question - were they arrested for aggravated assault or aggravating sex?  (Let's meet again on July 7th)     

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015...  I love the United States of America.  I don't know if I have this strong feeling for country because I was a teenager in a time when it was cool to be patriotic and to show it.  Or do I have this spirit because my father always expressed a steadfast love of his adopted country?  Yes, my father came to this country when he was sixteen years old.  He left his mother and three siblings to journey by himself to join his father and two brothers here in a great city and a great country.  Yes, he lived in a section of New York City where the majority of people were of the same nationality, and he learned the language of his new country.  I wish I could say that I am writing this because I was thinking of my father or because Memorial Day just passed or that Flag Day is coming up this week.  However, I can't.  I am writing this because I am annoyed about something I experienced while watching a baseball game on television.  I love baseball so I purchase the MLB package every year from Directv.  I watch my favorite team as much as I can, and I watch a few other games especially the final innings of the close ones.  I am a Yankees fan, but I watch the Mets, too.  Recently, I checked out a game between the Mets and the Marlins.  However, I don't care for the Mets' announcers so I switched over to the Florida Marlins feed.  The MLB package allows me to watch either market..........usually, but that is another story.  It was a good game so I decided to watch it.  I was shocked during one commercial break when they played an entire commercial in Spanish.  I could not believe it.  I thought it was a mistake, but they played another one later in the game.  What is wrong with learning English?  I would never want anyone to forget their native language or traditions!  But if the decision was to come to this country to live and work, then, by God and all that is holy, everyone should become part of the USA and learn English!  (Some of the kids will be here on the 23rd - will you?) 

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015...  IMUS IN THE MORNING is going off the air.  Not to worry, he is still going to be on the radio.  However, I don't think I could listen to him live on the radio - too many commercials.  I wonder if there is a way to 'tape' it and cut out all the commercials.  It was easy to watch/listen to it on FoxBusiness because I could watch the three hour show in about an hour and a half.  So thank you, Imus, it has been an enjoyable experience although you were getting a little repetitive at the end.  Will I find something else on the tube or will I just put on my Amazon Prime music which I love?  Time will tell.  Speaking of time, I started bike riding again.  I am only riding three or four times a week, but I am out of my bad winter habits.  I won't tell you about how far I am riding because my own kids don't believe me.  They say there is a problem with the decimal point in my mileage.  Oh, well, I was not a math teacher.  I have a story to tell about my ride last Friday.  It is a true story, but I know that my youngest is going to doubt it.  First of all, everyone knows I say hello or good morning to everyone I pass even those 'serious' bikers who almost never respond.  Well, I passed a young lady who was walking south as I was going north.  She was plugged in to her iPod, but I said a loud good morning any way.  Needless to say, she did not respond so I gave her the infamous ARGH.... and continued on my ride.  I knew I wasn't going to make it a marathon session because the wind was just a little too strong even at the early hour of seven.  I rode two more miles and turned around.  Riding home, I spotted her a few blocks ahead of me.  She was still plugged in to her iPod.  I moved to the middle of the road, got up right behind her, and in my manly, strongest voice I said, "Have a nice day!"  She jumped to the side of the road as I sped by.  I was smiling so much and giggling to myself that I didn't see one of those 'serious' bikers zoom right by me.  That is the first one that has passed me in two years.  My record is shot because I was being a wiseass.  There has to be a moral to this 'true' story, but I can't think of one.  (Will my summer friends meet us here on June 9th?)

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015...  WOW!  Nothing to write about.  Ana, a subtropical to tropical storm, was a bust and that was good for us. The only thing it did was wash out the entire weekend.  I checked my sources for strange, odd, or bizarre stories, but everything current was a little bit too risque for my readers.  However, Brady, the youngest grandchild at 11, would have perused them ALL with a knowing smirk or grin on his face.  Today would have been my father's 104th birthday.  I bet he would be lost today in all the technology that is out there.  I know my mother was lost in the final years of her wonderful life, but that is another story.  I guess I will have to resort to my PROMPTS app to see if I can find a topic that stirs up my mind.  Here goes....  When the thunder began roaring....  That was the first one.  I remember the time I went to pick up Chinese take-out in my Jeep Wrangler.  Nic came with me and he was very, very young........maybe 5 years old.  Well, I left him in the Jeep.  Yup, the food wasn't quite ready and a storm came.  Nic said, "Bad 'tunder', Staudie."  It was.  Now, all you PC people can stop your bad thoughts.  I parked the Jeep where I could watch it from inside.  I could see it, but Nic could not see me.  He didn't seem stressed, however, later on he told me that he was scared.  "Toughen up, Boy!"  More about thunder or should I stir the PROMPTS again.  One more comment about thunder before I push that icon again.  Thunder never bothered me when I lived in New Jersey, but here on the island it scares the 'botheration' out of me.  Did I hear a why?  The why is that I can see storms coming from across the Sound for miles!  Hitting PROMPTS....  As an ant, I knew that....  I think I will stop here...not because my imagination could not come up with something clever....  I don't like ants and my rambling would become too long.  Oh, I just remembered that I did step in a nest of fire ants once.  That was an awful experience and a painful one, too.  Okay, enough about those pesky creatures that are as old as the dinosaurs.  Did you know that fact?  (Let's have a picnic on May 26th.)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015...  Medical alert!  Medical alert!  Not really, but last week was a busy week for me, and it could have been busier.  However, my sleep doctor postponed my appointment because she can not see me until I have been on the CPAP for thirty days as per federal regulations.  No big deal because I needed a break.  I went to see my eye doctor and dentist last week.  Nothing major, thank God!  It was nothing compared to what Dr. "McDreamy" Shepherd and my friend Phil had to endure.  I think it was a week ago Sunday that my friend Phil was in so much pain that he had to go to Urgent Care.  He was told he had Shingles.  I could really tell a few jokes here about shingles, but I won't.  After hearing about all his pains and sufferings, I am glad that I got the shot.  I wasn't going to get the shot, but my wonderful wife made me get it.  I guess she didn't want to hear me moaning any more than I do on a regular basis.  Well, this is my rambling so let's get back to me.  Last Monday, I went for my glaucoma checkup.  My eye pressure in February was high so doctor changed my drops.  Success!  The pressure is back to normal.  Now here comes the complaining - I need about 7.5 ml to last three months.  The old medicine came in one vial or bottle or dispenser.  What is it called?  Well, the new medicine comes in a 2.5 ml dispenser.  Do you know how hard it is to dispense no more than one drop in each eye?  It is very difficult so do they help and put it all in one bottle?  NO, this company only makes the small size so they send me three small containers.  I am very careful because if I run out I can't get more until the three months is up.  I ran out once with my old medicine.  Thank God, the doctor had a sample bottle that he gave me to stop me from going blind.  When he gave me that sample he said that half a drop is better than running out.  Those words have made me very frugal with my glaucoma drops.  Oh, he also recommended that I only use Similasan over-the-counter eye drops for my eyes.  For those who use over-the-counter drops, make sure there is no 'preservative' in them.  Gees, I don't want to make this any longer, and I had a good story to tell about my cleaning last Thursday with Nancy, the substitute hygienist, and my gag reflex.  I guess it will have to wait for quality time after dinner one night this summer. (What are you doing on May 10th?) 


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