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TRUE or FALSE?   Ants have conquered almost the entire globe.

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    Topsail Sound did get a little rough Sunday afternoon....  


Tuesday, May 12th, 2015...  WOW!  Nothing to write about.  Ana, a subtropical to tropical storm, was a bust and that was good for us. The only thing it did was wash out the entire weekend.  I checked my sources for strange, odd, or bizarre stories, but everything current was a little bit too risque for my readers.  However, Brady, the youngest grandchild at 11, would have perused them ALL with a knowing smirk or grin on his face.  Today would have been my father's 104th birthday.  I bet he would be lost today in all the technology that is out there.  I know my mother was lost in the final years of her wonderful life, but that is another story.  I guess I will have to resort to my PROMPTS app to see if I can find a topic that stirs up my mind.  Here goes....  When the thunder began roaring....  That was the first one.  I remember the time I went to pick up Chinese take-out in my Jeep Wrangler.  Nic came with me and he was very, very young........maybe 5 years old.  Well, I left him in the Jeep.  Yup, the food wasn't quite ready and a storm came.  Nic said, "Bad 'tunder', Staudie."  It was.  Now, all you PC people can stop your bad thoughts.  I parked the Jeep where I could watch it from inside.  I could see it, but Nic could not see me.  He didn't seem stressed, however, later on he told me that he was scared.  "Toughen up, Boy!"  More about thunder or should I stir the PROMPTS again.  One more comment about thunder before I push that icon again.  Thunder never bothered me when I lived in New Jersey, but here on the island it scares the 'botheration' out of me.  Did I hear a why?  The why is that I can see storms coming from across the Sound for miles!  Hitting PROMPTS....  As an ant, I knew that....  I think I will stop here...not because my imagination could not come up with something clever....  I don't like ants and my rambling would become too long.  Oh, I just remembered that I did step in a nest of fire ants once.  That was an awful experience and a painful one, too.  Okay, enough about those pesky creatures that are as old as the dinosaurs.  Did you know that fact?  (Let's have a picnic on May 26th.)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015...  Medical alert!  Medical alert!  Not really, but last week was a busy week for me, and it could have been busier.  However, my sleep doctor postponed my appointment because she can not see me until I have been on the CPAP for thirty days as per federal regulations.  No big deal because I needed a break.  I went to see my eye doctor and dentist last week.  Nothing major, thank God!  It was nothing compared to what Dr. "McDreamy" Shepherd and my friend Phil had to endure.  I think it was a week ago Sunday that my friend Phil was in so much pain that he had to go to Urgent Care.  He was told he had Shingles.  I could really tell a few jokes here about shingles, but I won't.  After hearing about all his pains and sufferings, I am glad that I got the shot.  I wasn't going to get the shot, but my wonderful wife made me get it.  I guess she didn't want to hear me moaning any more than I do on a regular basis.  Well, this is my rambling so let's get back to me.  Last Monday, I went for my glaucoma checkup.  My eye pressure in February was high so doctor changed my drops.  Success!  The pressure is back to normal.  Now here comes the complaining - I need about 7.5 ml to last three months.  The old medicine came in one vial or bottle or dispenser.  What is it called?  Well, the new medicine comes in a 2.5 ml dispenser.  Do you know how hard it is to dispense no more than one drop in each eye?  It is very difficult so do they help and put it all in one bottle?  NO, this company only makes the small size so they send me three small containers.  I am very careful because if I run out I can't get more until the three months is up.  I ran out once with my old medicine.  Thank God, the doctor had a sample bottle that he gave me to stop me from going blind.  When he gave me that sample he said that half a drop is better than running out.  Those words have made me very frugal with my glaucoma drops.  Oh, he also recommended that I only use Similasan over-the-counter eye drops for my eyes.  For those who use over-the-counter drops, make sure there is no 'preservative' in them.  Gees, I don't want to make this any longer, and I had a good story to tell about my cleaning last Thursday with Nancy, the substitute hygienist, and my gag reflex.  I guess it will have to wait for quality time after dinner one night this summer. (What are you doing on May 10th?)

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015...  My daughter Diane left early Saturday morning, along with two of my grandsons, Justin - soon to be 14 and Brady - soon to be 12.  Now, let me state right up front that I am not complaining because all my grandkids are super well-behaved.  Hmmm, maybe one could use a little more parental guidance.  However, I will not name names because this isn't the time.  If the parent asks me, I will be happy to reveal which one is spoiled.  Okay, back to Justin and Brady.  Sunday morning is the day I check the garage and take out the trash and recycling to the road.  The garage is always in need of 'putting stuff' away so that is how the reader can tell that I am not complaining.  Now, my daughter is pretty liberal when it comes to their behavior.  However, when it affects her sniffer, look out!  She has always had this sensitivity to smells and odors and aromas.  Hmmm, never thought of it, but I could have taken her hunting with me when she was young.  My dog, Shotzie, would have loved having her help find the pheasant and quail.  I am digressing.  One morning, Di jumped all over her kids when she opened the door to go down to the garage to get ready for the beach.  Did I hear a WHY?  She knew right away that they did not put their bait away from yesterday's fishing adventure. 
Now, do you see how good of a sniffer she has?  The grandmother, naturally, defends and says, "Oh, that is just the basement smell."  Now, my garage/basement almost never has a smell because I keep a fan on when the humidity builds up and the four doors are left open during the day.  Okay, moving on to Sunday - down to straighten up the garage and take out the trash.  First thing, I see are the bikes lying on the garage floor.  Then, I notice towels and rags spread around.  Chairs out of place!  No big deal.  Opening the garage doors, I see the fishing bucket and rags and the tackle box outside.  Again, no big deal.  I also notice something in one of my trees.  I look closer and what do I see - a juice container stowed in a hook on the tree.  Well, my friends, that was the last straw.  Everything else is stowed for their next visit, but that juice container is going to stay in that tree until those little angels come back in July.  (See you at the end of the month - the 28th.)

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015...  Leaf Blowing is an art.  I am not comparing it to the glass blowing that I once saw when I was a kid on the boardwalk in Seaside.  However, blowing the leaves out of my driveway has become an art for me.  If I continue doing this much thinking about it, I might come up with my third invention this year.  For those who don't know, I have already invented a recycling trash bag and a fire escape mechanism for the soundside, top deck of 1205.  Yes, my mind is working at a rapid pace.  I wonder which pill Helga is giving me is causing this conundrum.  The reason why I have to come up with a new invention for removing the leaves from the driveway is because they fall during two seasons in Surf City, and they fall so fast.  I did the driveway on Tuesday and by Thursday, it was again covered with a blanket of leaves.  Yes, a blanket, I could not see any of the concrete.  Helga believes more leaves fall in the spring than in autumn.  I will let her count them.  Well, my invention will include both my electric leaf blower and the new battery-powered one that my kids bought me for Christmas.  I haven't used the new one yet because the battery wasn't charge, but I will the next time I do the driveway.  The glass blower in Seaside made me think about other things that were on the boardwalk when I was a kid, and I was going to talk about them.  However, I hate to get wordy so I will just mention a few of them - the girl in the iron lung, the laughing fat lady, the gypsy guessing weights and/or ages, and the giant swan ride.  Last but not least, I believe my wife and my sister operated the 'last' fishing pond on the boardwalk in good old Seaside Heights.  News Flash: WOW!  I used my CPAP last night for the first time.  WOW!  (Check back here on April 14th)   

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015...  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish friends and to all those who wish they were Irish.  I remember the days when - no I will stop right there because this Rambling is about spring.  Yes, Spring of 2015 is this Friday.  The first day of spring can come on the 20th or the 21st(our son's birthday) - depending on the exact time of the Spring Equinox.  Believe it or not, I know what that means.  It is when the sun crosses the equator supposedly making day and night the same.  See, Mr. Olson, I still remember what you taught us in 7th grade science.  Spring also means getting ready for the kids to start their treks to Topsail Island.  The first one is usually around Easter, but with all the missed days of school caused by the cold weather, I would guess the odds now are 50-50.  However, I am betting on family coming.  I better start getting 1205 prepared.  The first thing I do is get the beach 'stuff' ready.  The second chore is getting the basement/garage in order.  Well, I am happy to say that that is done.  Why?  Well, the cold weather even affected us - with a broken pipe which Trey repaired.  However, I had to clean up that mess last Tuesday because the temperatures allowed me to work outside, and Helga gave me that 'or else' look when she left to lunch with the old ladies.  Oops, I mean young ladies.  A few other outside chores need to be done, but I need Trey for them - checking the roof, cutting back the branches over the driveway, taking out a big branch that has grown over the pool, and anything else Helga wants me to do.  I won't have Trey open the pool yet, and I won't call Michele to start mowing the lawn either, but those chores are on my list of things to do, too.  I have one more item on my to-do list which my wonderful children wrote in the BTISV, which stands for the Book To Improve Summer Vacation.  They want a fire escape from the second floor, which is definitely needed.  I am surprised that the town doesn't make builders/home owners install some method of escape from the top floors besides jumping.  Well, I am happy to say that after months of contemplating the situation, I have come up with a solution.  Actually, two devices will be used - a rope ladder for the younger ones and a sturdier device for the rest of us.  Send one dollar for a picture of the fire escape gismo which I designed for escaping 1205 on the soundside.  No, Rip, jumping from the deck into the pool is not an option.  (Let's make a play date for March 31st.)  


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