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Why is clutter bad in Feng Shui?

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    Brady and Justin take Grandmom to lunch.  

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014...  The end of the month is here and with it my youngest child, Diane, and her two children, Justin, 13, and Brady, 10.  Diane, if you remember, is the demanding one - the one that expects an All-Inclusive vacation every time she visits, which is usually twice a year.  She never comes down with her husband, JL.  He always flies down a week later.  I finally figured out why this occurs every summer.  She is the good wife and makes this sacrifice of spending an extra week with us at the beginning so she can make sure the accommodations here are suitable for her JL.  I never thought he was demanding like her, but I guess I was wrong.  Over the winter, we rearranged our furniture and when Di saw it she said, "This will not quite do it.  JL needs to be sitting in a straight line to the TV."  So yesterday, Helga and I had to move the furniture around according to Di's direction.  I did ask her to help because my fingers were still hurting a little, and moving furniture - seven pieces - was a difficult task.  She said that she could not.  She said she had to stand back to make sure that JL's chair was in direct line and that the Feng Shui is in balance with the stars.  It took about two hours before Di was finally satisfied with the setup.  Then she asked where are the wireless RF headphones?  I found the old set, but the padding on the top was falling out, and Di said they would never do.  So when I finish writing this today, I will be heading to Jacksonville to buy new headphones.  Oh, yeah, Di said to make sure they are blue - JL's favorite color.   

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014...  The tubeless auto tire that we all use was invented by Frank Herzegh, who only made one dollar for his discovery.  I know he worked for BF Goodrich, and he received a patent for it back in the early 50's.  However, I don't know why he only received a dollar for his invention.  Well, I am going to do some research to see who invented the shoehorn.  Yes, the shoehorn!  I hope he/she made more than a dollar on his/her invention.  I wonder how many homes today even have a shoehorn.  I think we have two in the house.  I don't think I used it at all since June of 1997, but I should have thought of using it six months ago.  Yesterday morning, I went looking for one of mine and found it in my underwear/sock drawer.  Good place for it.  I remember using it when I was working and I had to wear socks.  Using the shoehorn kept the socks from being pulled up.  I hear someone saying, "Hey, Bondo, you don't wear socks any longer."  I don't wear shoes much either, but I kept my shoehorn and I need it now.  Do I hear a WHY?  Okay, you forced it out of me.  Last December when I was in New Jersey, I took a little fall in the snow on a sidewalk with steps.  A bruised leg and two sprained fingers were the results.  Well, the leg healed after some concerned time, but it did heal one hundred percent.  The two fingers were getting better; however, every time that I put on loafers of any kind even without socks those two fingers would start to hurt.  I hate pain of any kind so I finally thought of a way to avoid re-injuring them every time I put on a pair of loafers.  Get the picture?  So I now use my amazing shoehorn especially on my loafers that I wear around the house because they need a little persuasion.  Shoehorn to the rescue, and the fingers are feeling better.  I will now keep the shoehorn in Justin's drawer, which is the center drawer of my computer desk where I usually sit to put on my shoes.  Justin, one of my grandsons, who is 13, will be here Friday.  He loves to check out what I have in my center drawer.  Any bets on whether he knows what a shoehorn is?   

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014...  I am a year older and I do not feel any different than I did last week.  However, my pocket is a lot lighter.  No, I haven't lost weight, but that is something I need to do.  I also need to check with my doctor to see if, at my age, there are some foods that I should avoid.  I know I should avoid drinking a lot of whole milk because it contains a lot of fat and a lot of calcium.  Is that good or bad for the older generation?  Hmmm, let's talk about the younger generation.  The younger generation - five of them, maybe four if we don't count Rip in with the young ones - arrived here last Thursday afternoon at 1:29.  I know I could have said 1:30, but my son was in a race with the wind coming south.  He left Jersey at 0429 so he wants the exact amount of time that it took him to drive the 609 miles to 1205.  Getting back to the milk - I guess it is very good for the younger ones because they consumed, including my son, Rip, nine gallons of milk since they arrived.  I won't even go in to the amount of soda that they drank.  However, since last Thursday, I have purchased 20 cartons of soda.  Okay, it was on sale and they have not consumed it all, but they put a dent in that twenty number.  After they leave, I am going to do a comparison between the cost of milk and soda to beer.  I know when they get older some of them will make the transition to beer.  If too many of them make that transition to beer, and I find out that it is more costly then I only have one move to make.  Twelve zero five will become dry.  My apologies to my son-in-law, JL, who will be arriving at the end of the month.  JL tells me every year when he leaves that this is his last summer for drinking so maybe he will welcome the dryness of 1205. 

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014...  I almost forgot that today was Tuesday.  It seems I am forgetting more things each day.....like emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and getting the mail.  I wonder if I am starting to lose it.  I am writing this to warn my kids that when they come down this summer to be super kind to their old dad.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Do you believe that I forget how old I am going to be?  I know my kids will remind me.  It is going to be interesting to see how old they say I am because the older I am; the older they are.  Speaking of forgetting, I had an incident over the weekend while Glenn, my next door neighbor, and I were on our daily bike ride.  Here is what happened.  I am going to keep it short so you don't get lost.  Glenn and I were talking about hurricanes naturally.  We were up at the end of North Shore Drive.  The last falling-down, storm-damaged house was taken down last year.  Quite a few on the ocean were destroyed in Bertha and Fran back in 1996.  The lots are still there, but the owners cannot rebuild.  However, they still have to pay taxes on the property.  I told Glenn that friends of mine - Anne and Mario - have one of the lots in the 1500 block of North Shore Drive.  Glenn had met Anne last year.  Now here is the scary part.  About 15 minutes later, on our way back, I was going to show Glenn the lot belonging to Anne and Mario.  However, I could not think of Anne's name.  My mind was a complete blank.  It was scary.  Glenn, who is much younger than I am, remembered Anne's name.  The rest of the ride home was not fun because I was worried.  When I arrived home, I told Helga about the incident, and she said not to worry because it is a common happening with everyone.  As she turned around and walked away she mumbled something under her breath about the number 73.  Hmm, I wonder if my hearing is going too.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014...  I am starting the month off extremely tired because my wonderful wife is a slave driver.  Not that she believes slavery should be reinstated even if it was just for husbands.  Slavery was a bad thing; however, at one time, when I was very, very young my father told me that every man should have a wife who does his every bidding.  In fact, when I was finishing high school, he wanted to send me to the "old country" to find a wife who fit that image.  Thank God, I did not go because who wants to be married to a woman who braids her armpits and draws designs on her legs with the hair there and who doesn't have a mind of her own?  I didn't want that kind of wife even if she were super obedient.  Well, I am digressing here.  About two weeks ago, I started getting the outside ready for the summer and the kids.  I started about three or four projects and didn't finish any of them except for the pool.  Helga said if I did not finish the mulching, the power washing, and the repair of the sign on our front lawn that she would close down the 1205 resort to our kids.  I would never want that to happen.  I didn't think she would ever say that, but believe me, she did with such emphasis that I really thought she meant it.  So Friday, I went to Lowe's to get the mulch needed to finish that job.  Would you believe it was cheaper now than it was two weeks ago?  I will have to remember that next year when it is time to mulch again.  Saturday and Sunday was spent power washing all the decks, upstairs and downstairs.  Oh, she added the outside furniture to the list, also.  I was beat.  I asked her if I could take Monday off because I had a dentist's appointment at nine in the morning.  I received an emphatic no, however, she did say that I could paint the outside shower on the second or third of July.  I said to myself - "Self, she didn't mention any painting of any shower."  Self did not answer me.  Well, yesterday, when I returned from my dentist, Helga asked me if I would like some breakfast before I finish working on the sign.  I said not today because I have too much work to do.  Now get this, she offered to help finish the sign.  Yes, she did and she did a fine job holding it straight while I screwed the top part in to the base.  Oh, she did fill the pirate's chest, but she said she wanted some new 'stuff' in there.  Now, everyone knows why I am so tired.  The good part though is THE KIDS CAN COME NOW to 1205.


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